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Cheep O'Headline Distorts
Arthur Brown is known variously as; The bloke who sets fire to his head, the bloke who did that "Fire" single in 1968 or the bloke who lives in a yurt because he likes it, really. A cripplingly expensive bit of research revealed that Arthur Brown has been professionally reincarnated more often than Dr Who and that he is a lot more fun.
We should really just fuck off and die for failing to cover any of his releases or doings, but Arthur Brown doesn't seem like the kind of man to bear grudges and we are totally mad for his new "Zim Zam Zim" album which is out on the 28th of July, get it. That's all, just get it, it's ace. Arthur is also out and you can see a list of live dates here.
Words, and rather more helpfully, music and
pictures come to us from them there United
States.The artist is a one man band called
Chris Karman, but he records and releases
under the name of Historian. Obviously, we are
poring, mulling and chin-stroking ourselves silly
over his rather cracking debut album,
"Shelf Life" Even more obviously, we zoomed
straight into the track "Weighed Down" and
were fascinated by the lovely trip beats and
totally transfixed by the video that does that
running the film backwards trick. The best bit is
when the girls pluck the confetti from the air,
see for yourself... The next thing to do is listen
to and maybe buy the whole album at his
bandcamp page. While you're listening you
might pop over to his Facebook (god rot their socks) page and see why he calls himself Historian. That's right, the page is full of genuinely interesting, lost and little know pop n roll facts, like... The Boards Of Canada song "Happy Cycling" contains an entire interview with ELO's Jeff Lynne hidden backwards.
Apparently, we are the only people who aren't in a band and that means we get a lot of releases sent in by the rest of you. So, here's a quick, cheap and nasty drive by of some that came in tonight;

Five adults chose to call themselves The Gromble and release a single called "Slam" on the 16th June and it does the very cool thing of slagging hippies off while making some kind of late 80's noise that drags The Thompson Twins into a toilet cubicle with Haircut 100, whoever they are.

On the other hand... Swedish pop-pranksters, Banana Beach promise 'A cowbell and 1,000 synthesisers' on their "Sri Lanka" single and they do not disappoint as the parping, clattering and swooshing is all there and there's the bonus of a man singing in 'very cross'. This is a very cool and ironic thing for a band called Banana Beach to do while making hellishly danceable music, top marks.

Slow Club are a duo who look far too pleased with themselves, but the bad news for misanthropes everywhere is that they have every reason to look pleased because they sound fucking great. The single we were sent is called "Suffering You, Suffering Me", it trails their third album, "Complete Surrender" and it sounds like a young Dusty Springfield morphing into Freda Payne to some top Mowtown noise. The album is out on the 14th July